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Ormond Beach Recreation and Public Access Plan

Restoration of a large area of coastal wetlands that includes dune habitat and enhancing public access at Ormond Beach, CA.

The vision for this restoration project is a resilient coastal environment that inspires the enjoyment, use, and support of the local community and beyond.

Dune restoration methods will include weeding and planting to restore back dune scrub habitat and expand foredune scrub habitat, excavating a series of shallow depression between dune ridges and vegetate with dune swale wetland species, and the addition of sand fencing and seed native dune species to facilitate wind-driven sand capture and dune building.

The public access components are intended to serve the community as well as visitors, while also maintaining protections for habitat and special-status plant and animal species.

Project Partners: The California State Coastal Conservancy, the City of Oxnard, and The Nature Conservancy

Project Status

In Planning

Point of Contact

Christopher Kroll, Project Manager

Project Website


Ormond Beach 2021 Preferred Plan

October 6, 2021

Ormond Beach 2021 Preferred Plan


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