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Pacifica State Beach Restoration

Restoration of coastal dunes to restore wetland processes, working to reduce flooding and erosion hazards, improve habitat, and enrich recreation in Pacifica.

Dune restoration would include placement of sand, graded and planted to form back beach dune and dune augmentation in addition to an effort to raise low-lying beach access paths to prevent flood waters from flowing into the neighborhoods behind the dunes. Planting native dune vegetation, together with wind action, will help build up and stabilize dunes.

Additionally, ceasing beach grooming will encourage dune vegetation establishment and dune formation. Fencing off sensitive areas and creating dune walkways, in combination with the placement of informational signs and other outreach activities will educate visitors about the importance of maintaining stable sand dunes.

Project Partners: Environmental Science Associates, City of Pacifica, California Coastal Commission, and the State Coastal Conservancy

Project Status

In Planning

Point of Contact

Pacifica Planning Department

Project Website



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