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Seeking Coastal Dune Research Associate

The California Dune Science Network is seeking a postgraduate, postdoc, or graduate student researcher to assist us in advancing our understanding of coastal dune processes and dynamics. Research assistance is needed to:

-Evaluate coastal dune change using high resolution imagery.

-Identify and characterize metrics for evaluating coastal dune-beach geomorphic change.

-Help assess impacts of future sea level rise and coastal storm hazards to coastal dunes in California.

Preferred candidates should have a PhD or Master’s degree, experience in coastal processes, geomorphology and/or coastal oceanography. Qualified graduate students may also be considered. Positions can start as soon as May 2024 and position options include the following: (1) an 18-month staff research associate, (2) a stipend-based 12 month fellowship, or (3) a short-term summer internship. Position pay and term will depend on candidates, the agreed upon position, and experience. Candidates are expected to be based in California, but there is flexibility on location within the state.

Selected researchers will work closely with researchers from UC Santa Barbara, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USGS and other dune network members. The project is focused on science application and includes opportunities to engage with community-based coastal organizations, coastal resource managers, and state agencies. More details on the project can be found at:

Interested applicants should email their CV and a short paragraph about their interest to


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