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Oceanside Dune Restoration

Restoring coastal dune habitat with green engineering techniques to benefit wildlife, public structures, and sand retention in San Diego, CA

The Coastal Dunes Restoration Project at Harbor Beach, San Luis Rey and North Strand beaches will restore coastal dune habitat using green engineering techniques. The dunes at Harbor Beach and San Luis Rey will provide foraging habitat for shorebirds that congregate in the intertidal areas of these sandy shoreline. At Harbor Beach, dunes will also help manage sand that blows off of Harbor Beach and fills in parking lots, walkways and the Harbor itself, and beautify the beach.

As vegetated dunes help stabilize and retain sand on the back beach, they are a natural form for sand retention. Additionally, with the natural increase in beach elevation, dunes naturally provide coastal flood protection. Historically, dunes were part of the landscape in Oceanside and restoring them will enhance the beach user experience and provide educational opportunities about the ecological and historical importance of dunes to indigenous peoples.

The passive, but effective and efficient restoration techniques that will be utilized in this project are being used in coastal dune restoration efforts throughout the state.

Project Partners: City of Oceanside, Rincon Consultants, US Fish and Wildlife

Project Status

In Planning

Point of Contact

Jayme Timberlake, Coastal Zone Administrator

Project Website



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