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Pillar Point Harbor West Trail Living Shoreline

Restoration of West Trail using an engineered dune feature to provide a safe path to Mavericks Beach Area in San Mateo County.

The project area has experienced chronic coastal erosion, resulting in degradation of the existing Pillar Point Harbor West Trail and creating hazardous conditions for trail users.

To protect and stabilize the trail, the project includes the construction of a nourished beach with an elevated dune adjacent to, and east of, 300 feet of the trail. Buried beneath the surface of the shoreline and dune is a cobble berm and two rock fingers extending perpendicular from the trail.

Construction began December 2021 and major construction has been completed by April 27th, 2022. Planting has been postponed until rainy season, which will begin in October, and project monitoring will continue for a 5 year period.

Project Partners Include: San Mateo County Harbor District and the California Coastal Commission

Project Status


Point of Contact

James Pruett, San Mateo Harbor District

Project Website



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