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LA Times Feature on Reviving Dunes in California to Address Sea-level Rise

LA Times Science Writer Rosanna Xia documented the growing trend in restoring and enhancing dunes as a coastal resilience strategy in this extended news feature.

"Along southern Santa Monica Bay alone, more than 23,000 acres of dunes once stretched from Palos Verdes to Los Angeles International Airport, according to historical ecology maps from the 1850s."

"Now, with the looming threat of sea level rise and a state desperate for solutions, conservationists and a growing movement of researchers say restoring these dunes could provide a much-needed buffer from the water. These overlooked features of the coast could help buy communities a bit more time — before the ocean pushes inland and reclaims the land."

See the full article at:

See a video interview with Rosanna Xia about the article at:


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