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Ormond Beach 2021 Preferred Plan

In May 2021, the Ormond Beach Restoration and Public Access Preferred Alternative and Preliminary Design Plan was released.

The Preferred Alternative is designed to enhance and restore existing habitat, increase public access to the Project Area and adjacent beach in an ecologically sensitive manner, and allow for habitat changes in response to projected sea-level rise and landward shore migration.

The Plan includes actions to restore a range of wetland habitats (freshwater, brackish, saltmarsh, and salt flats [“pannes”]) between the shoreline strand (sandy beach and dunes) and the uplands. Existing habitats will be enhanced and new habitats developed via earth moving to change topography and modify water flow and ponding, and vegetation management.

Public access features envisioned include pedestrian trails that provide views of habitats and access to the beach, trail links to existing roads, updated parking and a potential visitor center. The design alternative takes into consideration opportunities and constraints such as existing infrastructure, adjacent land uses, sea-level rise, flood potential, and protections for existing sensitive habitats and special-status species.


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