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The Greater Salinas River State Beach Dune Restoration and Management Plan

The following Restoration and Management Plan has been prepared by the Central Coast Wetlands Group (CCWG) and Coastal Conservation and Research (CCR) in partnership with the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

This document will help guide the restoration and monitoring of sand dune habitat within Salinas River State Beach (SRSB) and adjacent privately owned parcels in Moss Landing, California. No development or construction of buildings is included in this plan, only the installation of fencing, walking paths and educational signage. This plan will also document work that can be completed on the Moss Landing “Island” between the Sandholdt Bridge and the harbor mouth in partnership with private landowners including Moss Landing Marine Labs, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and the Moss Landing Harbor District.

Periodic plant and dune monitoring efforts will be completed to quantify native species abundance and diversity, track changes in dune topography and identify and address recolonization by iceplant. Surveys will be completed by trained researchers and scheduled in foredune areas outside of Snowy Plover nesting season.

To learn more and access the Plan, click here!


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